Enhancing Security In Style With Mild Steel Gates

Mild steel gates are a small but essential part of home security in Singapore. While there are other materials like stainless steel and aluminium, it’s a preferable choice due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, mild steel gates are functional and customisable, making them perfect for every home. Here’s why Singaporeans totally love them for their versatility and top-notch security:

Why are mild steel gates popular in Singapore?

Undoubtedly, mild steel gates are the preferred safety choice for Condo and HDB homes in Singapore. But while many consider them popular for their affordability, they add more value than expected. Here are the most essential reasons why mild steel gates are widespread in Singapore:

Reasonably Durable and Strong

Compared to wrought iron and stainless steel, mild steel may not be the sturdiest option on the market. Still, it provides a balanced mix of durability and strength suitable for every standard home. In this regard, many Singaporeans settle for mild steel gates for their decent protective abilities.

A Wide Range of Design Options

louvre gate2
Mild steel gate designed for privacy

Secondly, mild steel gates are easy to customise, allowing homeowners to find a gate that complements their home’s aesthetic. Whether a classic, ornamental design or a sleek, modern look, every mild steel gate design fits a creative idea. Moreover, spray painting allows customers to order bespoke colour schemes without dramatically increasing costs.

Value for Money

Another reason for their popularity is the affordability of mild steel gates compared to other materials like wrought iron or aluminium. A rough estimate shows that mild steel gates can cost as low as SGD 650, while wrought iron gates start at around SGD 800. In such cases,  mild steel gates from AT Aluminium provide valuable cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality – something that many Singaporeans appreciate.

Meets Safety Standards

Arguably, complying with the laws and regulations is paramount, especially when you live in public housing units. When it comes to HDB gates in Singapore, mild steel is a practical choice that meets all safety standards. Besides, its sturdy constructions and durability give mild steel gates the best value for cost.

What are the regulations regarding HDB gates in Singapore?

Just like any other housing aspect in Singapore, HDB gates are closely monitored by the Housing & Development Board (HDB). The government body imposes specific regulations to ensure uniform rules that will ensure the safety and harmony of the community.

Typically, HDB gates should meet specific requirements in terms of size, height, and design. For example, the maximum height for a gate is usually 1.8 metres, but it’s essentially customisable as long as it doesn’t differ from the original gate. The same applies to the gate design, which should be in line with the overall aesthetics.

In terms of material, HDB gates must adhere to certain durability and strength standards. In this regard, mild steel is the most popular choice, as it meets the criteria and is affordable. Of course, ensuring that the mild steel gate design meets the specific regulations set by the Housing Board is crucial. Some cases, like replacing a frame along the fire escape route, may require a permit. Meanwhile, other actions like regular gate replacement may only require adhering to the legislation.

Mild Steel vs Stainless Steel Gates

Stainless steel vs mild steel gates is a common debate among homeowners looking for a long-lasting security solution for their homes. But while many would argue that stainless steel is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, its counterpart excels in nearly every other area:

CriteriaMild Steel GatesStainless Steel Gates
Cost-Effectiveness✓ Generally more budget-friendly.✗ May have a higher upfront cost.
Versatility in Design✓ Offers a broad range of designs and models.✗ May have a sleek and modern look with limited design options.
Strength and Durability✓ Robust and durable, withstands the test of time.✓ Stainless steel is durable and has corrosion-resistant properties.
Regulatory Compliance✓ Adheres to local HDB regulations.✗ Subject to compliance but may not align with specific regulations.
Ease of Maintenance✓ Routine care to prevent rust is manageable.✓ Requires minimal maintenance due to corrosion resistance.
History of Usage✓ Long history of successful use in gate construction.✗ They are considered reliable but may not have the same extensive track record.
Applications✓ Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.✗ May have limitations in certain applications.
Customisation Options✓ Offers various infill options and customisable features.✗ Design options may be more limited.

Modern Designs in Mild Steel Gates

Undoubtedly, the abundance of mild steel gate design choices in Singapore is astonishing. Gate and door companies compete for a market share, which stimulates a flourishing industry of limitless options. Moreover, the primary advantage of mild steel gates is their versatility, allowing homeowners to find the perfect gate for their Condo and HDB homes. Here are the biggest trends in mild steel gate designs in Singapore:

Clean and minimalistic

cat-proof grills3
Vertical mild steel gate

For those looking for a sleek and contemporary look, most gate suppliers offer a wide range of minimalistic models. Clean vertical or horizontal lines in different geometric combinations and patterns provide a neat but bold and stylish statement. Usually, they feature black and sometimes grey finishes, adding a touch of sophistication to any home.

Ornate and intricate patterns

If you prefer a more artistic and intricate design, plenty of options are available. Ornate scrollwork, intricate patterns, and decorative accents can add a touch of elegance and charm to your home’s entrance.

Glass panels

glass gate2
Glass mild steel gate

Another popular trend in modern designs is using frosted or etched glass panels in mild steel gates. This allows for a seamless blend of style and privacy whilst maintaining a gate’s security benefits.

How to Choose the Right Mild Steel Gates Supplier in Singapore

While Singapore imposes strict laws regarding licensing and qualification, the wide range of options can be overwhelming. Typically, what most customers look for is a high-quality product at an affordable price. However, choosing the right mild steel gate provider requires considering a few more things. Here are the five essential factors to consider when selecting a mild steel gates supplier in Singapore:

  1. Quality and Reputation: Look for suppliers with a reputation for providing top-notch products. Check their track record and customer reviews to ensure they have a history of delivering high-quality mild steel gates.
  2. Customisation Options: If you have specific design requirements or customisation needs, choosing a supplier offering a range of options is essential. Look for a supplier who can tailor their mild steel gates to meet your specific preferences.
  3. Pricing and Cost-effectiveness: While the price should not be the sole determining factor, it can still be decisive when choosing mild steel gates. In this regard, you should ask for quotes from multiple frame suppliers and find the one that provides the best value for the money.
  4. Installation Services: Some suppliers may offer installation services along with the purchase of the mild steel gates. This can save you time and effort in finding a separate contractors in Singapore for installation.
  5. Customer Support: Sometimes, customers need assistance after the HDB gate installation. In such cases, choosing a responsive supplier ready to address your issues promptly is best.

AT Aluminium is the top supplier of mild steel gates in Singapore, as well as aluminium windows and grilles for all your home security needs.