Aluminium Windows: Why They’re Better Than Wood and PVC

Are you looking for a sturdy and durable material for your HDB windows? Singapore’s flourishing gates and windows market will flood you with replacement options. But why do people choose aluminium windows over wood and PVC? In the past decade, aluminium frames and windows have become a preferable option for condos and HDB flats due to their durability and affordability. Moreover, they boast an impressive energy efficiency that can easily outperform its alternatives. Let’s explore why aluminium windows are worth the investment over wood and PVC alternatives.

How Are Aluminum Windows Superior Over Wood and PVC?

In 2022, the Singapore aluminium doors and windows market registered a whopping 29.54% growth, indicating a clear preference for the material. Obviously, there is a reason for the considerable gap in preferences. Strong, sustainable, and stylish aluminium windows add an unbeatable value that adds beauty and comfort to your home. Here’s why aluminium blows wood and PVC out of the water:

Durability that lasts

This material can handle all kinds of weather without warping, rotting, or cracking like wood. And it won’t get brittle and fade like PVC. An aluminium window will look great for decades.

Strength and security

Aluminium framing is sturdy yet lightweight. It resists denting and offers enhanced security against break-ins. No more worrying about flimsy materials.

Energy efficiency

Modern aluminium windows have thermal breaks that prevent heat transfer and condensation. They can meet the highest efficiency standards. Keep your energy bills down with aluminium.

Custom options

Aluminium window suppliers in Singapore offer endless custom sizes, shapes, finishes, and features. Get the exact look and functionality you want. Wood and PVC just can’t compare.

Low maintenance

The material needs hardly any upkeep—just an occasional cleaning. You don’t have to do any painting, staining, or other hassles, which will save you time and money.

Eco-friendly material

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and made from abundant natural materials. Far greener than PVC.

Affordable cost

Aluminium windows are competitively priced with wood and PVC. And they’ll more than pay for themselves in efficiency and durability over time.

Aluminium vs. Wood Windows

Undoubtedly, wood brings every home an unmatchable rustic feel that is bound to make your guests wow. However, maintaining it is highly inefficient, especially in Singapore’s humid climate. In turn, aluminium frames offer low maintenance and sleek modern styling. Here’s a full list of the reasons to switch to aluminium:

CategoryAluminum WindowsWood Windows
DurabilityCan flex without cracking or rotting; lasts for decadesMay warp or rot over time
MaintenanceMinimal maintenance – cleaning with a simple clothRequires sanding, staining, or repainting
Design FlexibilityNarrower sightlines and more design options; various finishes available, including wood grains and metallic huesClassic look but limited in design
Energy EfficiencyMore efficient with thermal breaks and modern coatingsLess efficient compared to modern aluminium windows
Environmental ImpactInfinitely recyclable with less environmental impactLumber harvesting has a greater environmental impact
Glass SupportSupports larger glass panes, ensuring unobstructed outdoor viewsRequires more framing for large glass panes

Can energy-efficient aluminium windows beat PVC?

Nowadays, energy efficiency has become increasingly trendy in Singapore, and homes are surely front-running it all. In this regard, the main criticism against aluminium frames is their relatively high upfront cost compared to wood, PVC and vinyl.

However, tech advancements like thermal breaks and improved glazing show dramatic differences in performance that pay off long-term. Here’s why modern aluminium windows are superior in terms of energy efficiency:

  1. Better thermal performance – PVC is naturally a poor insulator, but aluminium easily meets or exceeds Energy Star requirements with its thermal breaks technology. The latter allows for separating the inner and outer frames, preventing heat transfer and maximising thermal efficiency.
  2. Superior strength – Aluminum is incredibly durable and can withstand extreme weather. PVC can become brittle and crack over time. Ultimately, aluminium windows can last longer with less maintenance.
  3. Slimmer frames – Modern aluminium windows feature narrow frames for maximum glass area and sunlight. PVC is limited in how thin it can be extruded.
  4. More glass options – From extra-clear Low-E to tinted or speciality glass, aluminium windows give you more ways to customise efficiency and performance.
  5. Recyclable material – While both materials are recyclable, PVC is generally difficult to reprocess, often ending up in landfills. On the other hand, aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, winning the eco-friendly battle by a landslide.

How to Pick The Best Aluminum Window Frame Styles

Aluminium window frames come in a variety of styles to complement any home design aesthetic. Due to the extensive list of aluminium window frames, it might be a smart idea to do your research before you choose.

  • Single-hung: Single-hung is the most common among aluminium window styles. They have one movable lower sash that slides up and down in the frame to open and close. Most people choose them because they provide ample ventilation and are easy to operate.
  • Double-hung: Double-hung frames have two movable sashes that give you higher control over ventilation. Both the upper and lower sash slide up and down independently.
  • Casement: Casement aluminium windows swing open to the side like doors, which enables maximum air circulation. Besides, they come in single, double, or triple-pane variations.
  • Sliding: Sliding aluminium windows are a popular solution for limited spaces where horizontal mechanisms are necessary. The style is particularly effective for larger openings.
  • Awning: Awning frames have a hinge at the top with a bottom sash, which allows them to swing outward. This feature makes them perfect for installation above other windows and doors. Their primary purpose is to let in light and air while protecting you from the rain.
  • Picture/Fixed: Picture windows don’t open and only provide an unobstructed view while letting in ample daylight. They work best when combined with operable windows.
  • Bay and Bow: Bay and bow windows have multiple panes in an angled projection. The aluminium frames are ideal for such window style because they provide support while creating space and visual interest.
  • Glass Block: Glass block window units made of small stacked glass blocks offer privacy while transmitting soft, diffused light. Durable aluminium framing lasts for decades.


To conclude, aluminium windows fit every requirement you’ve been looking for – they’re durable, energy efficient, secure, and affordable. Best of all, they come in finishes that guarantee a sleek look for every HDB interior. Of course, wood windows might have that cosy, traditional vibe. Still, they require a ton of maintenance. And vinyl? Sure, they’re low maintenance but they can warp in extreme temps. With aluminium, you get the best of both worlds – and even more! Consider aluminium, and your wallet and home will thank you!